Who is this Peter guy?

I’m currently building an online retail store that attempts to fix problems I learned about while managing retail accounts for Coffee Joulies.

Previously, I was employee #1 at Plancast, a social event platform company backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top investors and later sold to Active Network Inc. (NYSE: ACTV). Prior to joining Plancast I spent time at TechCrunch doing anything and everything as we worked out of Michael Arrington’s house. Along the way I’ve also helped run Startup2Startup, launch Highlight, coordinate TechCrunch50, and provide marketing consulting for Mint.com out of my college dorm room.

I went to college at Grand Valley, where I co-founded a student organization focused on real estate. Combined, the group’s members owned 35 houses when I graduated 3 years later. I also somehow managed to win the business school’s top award.

Other fun facts:
– Grew up in Michigan
– Currently live in San Francisco, CA
– Stand 6’6 tall
– Vegetarian

Want to chat? Feel free to email or Skype me. If you’d prefer to creepily follow my every move, you can do that too thanks to Foursquare.